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How to setup Google
group publishing

Here you can learn how to setup your Google group publishing and invite Chirp platform developers.


Log in to your Chrome webstore developer account.


Click on the Account option on the left side menu.


In Management section on "Create a group publisher" click create new group.


In new tab you will be redirected to Google Groups. Once the page is loaded, click on Create group.


Select Group name something like "'YourCompany name' group", description is optional.


On step 2 - Choose privacy settings, leave the default settings, like shown on screenshot.


On step 3 - Add members of your group. On first input field enter the following email There is no need to enter other non-required fields - just click Create group.


After succesful creation of the google group (you will get a confirmation email from google groups), refresh your Account options page on Chrome web store and under "Create a group publisher" select the newly opened group from "Select a group" drop-down menu.


Click "Convert to group publisher" option below dropdown, and confirm it once again with "Convert to Group Publisher" button in the modal.


Save changes at the bottom of the dashboard page, and you're good to go!

All Set!

Note that once you finish the group publishing setup, it can take up to 30 minutes for developers in your group to see the changes.